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The tariffs, charges and prices for the supply of Electricity which apply as from the 1st August 2022, as per the Electricity (Charges and Tariffs) Regulations 2022, are detailed below:

Tariff No. Tariff Cost Flexible Cost

(per Unit)
Weekly Meter Levy
1 - Lighting £0.166 per Unit £0.054 £5.40 £1.00
2 – Power £0.147 per Unit £0.054 £10.80 £1.00
3 – Domestic £0.110 per Unit £0.054 £5.40 £1.00
4 - Commercial £0.110 per Unit £0.054 £7.56 £1.00

Flexible Cost Adjustment:

The price set for the Flexible Cost Adjustment shall be adjusted upwards or downwards by such amount or such method as H.M. Government of Gibraltar, having regards to the fluctuating cost of generating or supplying Electricity, may prescribe.

Application Fee:

The Application Fee is currently set at £34.50.


The Deposit payable for Tariff 3 – Domestic is currently set at £34.50. The Deposit payable for all other Tariff’s, is based on either historical usage or information on load requirements provided by your Electrical Contractor.

After Hours Service Fee:

The After Hours Service is an option available to those Customers submitting Applications for properties at which the Electricity Supply has been disconnected, and are unable to wait until the next available Electrical Installation Inspection Appointment date to have their Electricity Supply connected. The After Hours Service Fee is currently set at £57.50.

Administration Fee:

Where the supply of Electricity has been discontinued under Section 19 of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority Act 2003, an Administration Fee of £34.50 shall be paid by the Customer before the Electricity Supply is restored.

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