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The Electrotechnical Division is located at the Waterport Power Station and is headed by the Senior Electrotechnical Engineer. It is responsible for all High Voltage and Low Voltage plant and equipment at Waterport Power Station, including all engine auxiliaries, generator alternators and protection systems, station and earthing transformers, general small power and lighting systems, battery chargers and emergency supplies, as well as the SCADA (Supervision, Control And Data Acquisition) system in the Power Station and Distribution centres.

This division is also responsible for the erection, commissioning, maintenance and repair of over ninety-five substations and three main Distribution Centres which make up the GEA 11kV HV Transmission and Distribution Network, and includes all Transformers, Low Voltage Fuseboards, High Voltage Switchgear, Protection Relays, Batteries and chargers, fire detection, emergency lighting and protection equipment, as well as the substation buildings themselves. To achieve the required level of over current and earth fault protection within the 11kV HV network, the Electrotechnical Division configures protection relays installed within the switchgear at each substation throughout Gibraltar to achieve a graded scheme.