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Our aim is to deliver an innovative service with a technological product tailored to meet our customers' needs, and help people across Gibraltar become energy conscious by encouraging energy saving initiatives. The Electrical Network Division is headed by the Senior Network & Customer Services Engineer and has a 24 strong team of engineers, technical and skilled grades ensuring the distribution of Electricity to the whole of Gibraltar.

In recent years, the unique public lighting network Gibraltar has, is maintained by the Electrical Network Division and has seen a change to the benefits of low energy, high efficiency lighting. This change has increased the perception of safety by the general public.

The Drawing Office currently manned by a team of 3 engineers, technical and skilled grades, also forms part of the Electrical Network Division. For many years the Drawing Office has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and quality provider of drawings. The vast wealth of knowledge and experience of its employees helps to provide a comprehensive service to all Divisions of the Gibraltar Electricity Authority. The attention to detail provides a level of information next to none.