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The Technomedical Division is headed by the Senior Technomedical Engineer and is composed of three sections, each providing a variety of maintenance and repair services to all of the Gibraltar Health Authority’s estate, which include St Bernard’s Hospital, the Mental Health Hospital, the Community Mental Health Unit, the Primary Care Centre and the Gibraltar Health Authority Catering Facility.

The three sections are the Clinical Engineering Section, the Electrical Section, and the Mechanical Section.

The Clinical Engineering Section provides clinical support that includes the servicing, calibration and repairs to all medical devices and equipment used by the Gibraltar Health Authority. Some of this equipment, includes, life-saving and monitoring equipment, radiology equipment, medical gases piped system, dental equipment, operating theatre equipment, as well as all other equipment used in the assessment and treatment of patients.

The Electrical Section deals with all maintenance and repairs to the electrical infrastructure of the Gibraltar Health Authority’s estate, including, the electrical distribution system, the small power and lighting, fire detection systems, nurse call system, access system, UPS, lifts, staff alert system, intruder alarms, catering equipment, office electrical equipment, amongst all other items related with electrical systems and equipment.

The Mechanical Section carries out the maintenance, servicing and repairs of the mechanical infrastructure. This includes the ventilation and air conditioning, fuel fired boilers, standby generators, refrigeration equipment, hot and cold water circulating systems, the building management system, the Gibraltar Health Authority motor vehicle fleet, together with all other items associated with mechanical plant and equipment.